PureH – “Matrix§44¹” – the hidden track on Fabriksampler V4

Fabriksampler V4 (2CD package) presents 20 different artists from around the globe, an extensive work which focuses on the combination of various forces, delivering a corpus of surprisingly uncanny sounds and audio experimentations, ranging from dark ambient, noise and drone features, with landscapes of shrewdly resonant fluidities, soft and rough textures of carefully selected and multi-layered patterns of abstractly distortive sonorities, with precise tuning to each other as separate pieces, which, while still very much diversified – and able to maintain their singular difference –, successfully function as an unbroken strategical unit; and the thing that connects them together, are those crucial points, cross-sections, which are produced only later, after the relation between them is established retroactively, measured by their structural difference, that marks their own separate territory, overall automated to operate as diversely-synthesized unit/s – two that never is completely different but also never becomes really one.

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