“Biodukt” is a kaleidoscopic symphony of forest birds, dawn choruses, picturesque fields, smell of meadows and beech forests. A sound palette in perfect balance, a vivid portrait of flora, water and fauna – from fascinating birdsongs and croaking frogs to insect chirping, it’s a real listening experience and a great relief for all people tired of urban life.

The recordings for the album were compiled over a month that Martina and Simon spent in Slovenian forests – more than half of Slovenia is covered in forests, much of which is “primary forest” – the most biodiverse forest. You can hear all kinds of birdsong surrounding you as you explore the recording, including cuckoos, nightingales and the crack of woodpecker beaks on trees.

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Recorded by Martina Testen and Simon Šerc, spring 2015
Recording locations in Slovenia and Italy
Edited, mixed and mastered by Simon Šerc
Format: CD Digipak + Digital 24bit 192 kHz

2020 PureH Recordings / Matrix441

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