a4195145658_16From “nature” as a theme in harsh noise (see previous post) to nature used as an actual harsh noise wall we go.  Today we have an ambient/noise/field recording release from Simon Šerc called Bora Scura.  What makes Bora Scura unique? Don’t mistake this for your average nature CD.  No.  This release documents the effects of the harshest of natural winds.  Not a high-tech studio creating an environment…. this is the real deal.

From Bandcamp: “The area of Ajdovščina, a town in Vipava Valley (Slovenia), is highly exposed to strong and cold wind (over 200 km/h), called Bora, which occurs 42 days per year on average. The peak frequency occurs in the cold season (November – March).  Bora causes damage in agriculture, traffic and destroys buildings. In the periods of extremely strong wind people are advised not to leave the buildings due to the safety reasons. Kindergartens, schools, other public buildings, factories and even medical center are closed.”

Furthermore, strong wind easily tears down the electricity and telephone cables. injuries and damage due to flying objects blown away by wind may occur. Bora can also break or uproot trees. Furthermore, local areas where Bora is at its highest, trees grow inclined with asymmetric crowns.”

Bora Scura is a 10-track release.  The Bora winds are recorded at their harshest and more delicate moments.  The album has a bit of a cinematic effect in certain instances.  In Track 8, for example, we hear the creaking and slamming of doors and the effects of someone walking across the hard floor.  While one would assume it is the artist or recording engineer, it’s perhaps more interesting to leave it to your imagination.

Harsh wind storms up close and far away.  Wind-smacked doors.  Rain drops falling from a leaky roof.  Wind-swept trees.    The recording is at times desolate and depressing when you consider possible destruction.  At others, it’s indifferent.  The quality of the recording/mixing is actually pretty good and makes for a good listen in the ear-buds.

Bora Scura is released by Sonospace; a label and “sound archive and audio publisher. It is a digital resource involved with the research and documentation of field recording and sound art.”

Digital:  https://sonospace.bandcamp.com/album/bora-scura
Physical: http://music.pharmafabrik.com/album/bora-scura

LINK: https://noisebeneaththesnow.com/2018/06/01/simon-serc-bora-scura-album-review-harsh-noise-field-recordings-wind/