Polynya on Unexplained Sounds Group – 9th Annual Report Compilation

Started in 2015 with honour guests such as Steve Reich and Morton Subotnick, the Annual Reports series established its popularity by showcasing new and talented musicians from all over the world. No matter what kind of music they create, all of them united by the common mission of pushing the music genres beyond the boundaries.

This edition showcases the best 2023 experimental and avant-garde music and includes veteran composers alongside younger but equally talented musicians from all around the globe.

This Is Darkness Review:
The mid year edition of the 9th Annual Report from the ever impressive Unexplained Sounds Group label pulls together some of the best experimental and avant-garde music of 2023. The talented musicians contributing to the album are from across the globe, and the range of music included here is as equally diverse. Fans of purely traditional dark ambient / drone may not find all of the music here to their taste, but those who enjoy music that pushes the boundaries of the genre will absolutely love the experience of exploring this impressive audio collection. Very highly recommended.

LINK: https://unexplainedsoundsgroup.bandcamp.com/track/polynya-polar-sounds

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