Bora Scura in ACL 2018 – Top Ten Field Recording & Soundscape:

2018 was an amazing year for field recordings and soundscapes, perhaps the best to date. We reviewed over 40 works this year, and had an incredibly difficult time choosing ten for this list since the overall quality was so high. Many of the recordings told stories; some captured specific audiographies, while others warned listeners of impending global catastrophe.

Simon Šerc ~ Bora Scura (Pharmafabrik/Sonospace)
This is not the time of year to walk around Ajdovščina (Slovenia), but this is exactly what Simon Šerc did in order to capture the sound of the roaring Bora winds.  At one point, the wind was clocked at 295 km/hr.  In such conditions, signs rattle, roofs bend, and field recordists attempt to stay upright.  This is a violent recording, a field recording equivalent of death metal.  As we endure our own storms this winter, we can play this disc and imagine that things could always be worse.


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