Bora Scura Reimagined – a global collaboration between artists all over the world: sound art work that present reimagined versions of field recordings of extreme Bora wind. Evocative blend of field recordings, ambient, electronic mutations and noise, Bora Scura Reimagined is pretty much what you might expect from a collaboration between artists Paul Schütze, Mark Spybey, Daniel Menche, Simon Šerc, Neo-Cymex, Max Corbacho, Sunao Inami, Alexei Borisov, Vomir and KK Null.

The sixty-five-minute compilation is presented in a travelogue format, with its tracks flow seamlessly into each other. Ten artists each contributed a new piece using field recordings from Bora Scura as raw material, expanded and liquified the original album turning it into a violent, intense and almost otherworldly experience of pure sound and pure nature.

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