WZBC 90.3 FM Newton – Voidstar Productions’ High Voltage Circumcision Show. Playlist: End.user, Alec Empire, Scorn, Meat Beat Manifesto, Simon Šerc, Negativland, Jared Sagar, etc. LINK: https://spinitron.com/WZBC/pl/10866285/Voidstar-Productions-High-Voltage-Circumcision-Show

KUNM Radio University of New Mexico, Albuquerque – Other Voices, Other Sounds. Contemporary music and sound art with an international perspective. Playlist: Simon Šerc, Steve Coleman, The Philip Glass Ensemble, Tom Kraines, Negativland, etc. LINK: https://www.kunm.org/programs/other-voices-other-sounds

No Pigeonholes EXP broadcast on KOWS-FM.
Electronic, Xperimental and Progressive music from underground and home recording artists worldwide. Hosted by Don Campau. Pierre Henry, Jared Sagar, Lingua Lustra, Kris Force, Simon Serc. LINK: https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/nopigeonholesexp

Staalplaat Radio Show on DFM.nu. With some new but mostly upcoming releases from Simon Šerc on Silent Records, C. Lavender on Mego, KAVE on Arjunamusic Records, The Dorf / Phill Niblock on Umland Records, Inventions (Eluvium & Explosions in the Sky) on Temporary Residence Ltd., Markus Floats on Constellation Records… etc. LINK: https://www.mixcloud.com/Radboud/staalplaat-radio-show-2020-09-on-dfmnu-20200430

Electronic Therapy, votre émission qui vous fait vous sentir mieux. Sangam, Remote Vision, Simon Šerc, Michael Vallera, Eric Holm etc. LINK: http://electronic-therapy.over-blog.com/2020/05/playlist-du-01-mai-2020.html

CITR FM 101.9 – 24 Hours of Radio Art
in a snack sized format. Dark Ambient. Drone. Field Recordings. Noise. Sound Art. Today’s show features: SIMON SERC, MARTINA TESTEN, RAUM, v/a RV/A002 (RAASH RECORDS). LINK: https://www.citr.ca/radio/bepi-crespan-presents/episode/20200511   – LINK2: https://www.citr.ca/radio/bepi-crespan-presents/episode/20200515-2

WFMU 91.1 and 91.9 fm New Jersey and New York City, Neighbors Noise with Jesse Kaminsky: A weekly adventure in phonography: field recordings, brainwave therapy, rattling noises and other esoteric dance music. LINK: https://wfmu.org/playlists/shows/93223

KEPW 97.3 FM Eugene, Oregon – The Institute of Spectra-Sonic Sound. Featuring: Simon Šerc, C. Lavender, Tech Riders, Daniel Menche, Lingua Lustra, FOTO, gogoj and many more. Broadcast Saturday night from 10 pm – midnight. LINK: https://www.mixcloud.com/spectrasonicsound/the-institute-of-spectra-sonic-sound-51520

The Moderns EP. 101 – Kevin Press
. Kevin Press is the author of The Moderns, three volumes dedicated to the world’s most exciting contemporary musicians. Featuring reviews and interviews, all three books are available exclusively from Amazon. LINK: https://themoderns.blog/2020/05/24/the-moderns-ep-107

Framework Radio #720: 2020.06.28 – Abstracted soundscapes by chra (christina nemec), urban eden (a collaboration between liz helman and dominic hemy) and simon šerc. more listener-chosen favorites from the aporee soundmaps. LINK: https://frameworkradio.net/2020/06/720-2020-06-28

WDIY 88.1 FM – Galactic Travels by Bill Fox. New music by Simon Šerc on Pharmafabrik, by Max Corbacho on Silentsun, and by Forrest Smithson. LINK: https://www.wdiy.org/post/next-galactic-travels-2020-09-10#stream/0

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