“With much to chew on when considering the ontological implications of cosmic microwave background radiation, Šerc’s compositions themselves are also actual doorways into deeper internal realms. Sonorous drones resonate in meditative oscillations as the frisson of white noise seems to spark with life itself. Those seeking to dive into the sonorous fabric of creation itself will find everything they need here!” ~ LiveEyeTV

Created using data from the Planck space telescope of the European Space Agency, the album’s four tracks are an invitation to listen to the oldest sounds in the universe. A method of sonification is used to convert the measurements into an ambient sound mass intertwined with randomized sequences of cosmological parameters.

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Processed & Deconstructed: Simon Šerc
Spectral Analysis, Editing, and Synthesis: Matrix Lab
Sonification Software: © DEUS Matrix 441
Real-time Responsive Video: PureH/Matrix441
Presented at Sound Thought 2017 – Festival of music and sound research, composition, and performance
Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, Scotland
Supported by Ministry of Culture and ESA
Data Source: Public release from the Planck mission, IRSA – Planck
Doppler Shift: © John G. Cramer, University of Washington
Photo Credits: ESA/NASA/JPL-Caltech
Format: Reel Tape + Blu-Ray + Digital 24bit

2020 PureH Recordings

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