Anadonia performed by Pureh is a special record! I know a lot off won’t share my opinion, because it’s not a stylish dance record and it’s not created by one of these hip acts from one of the “electronic-capital-cities”. Pureh from Slovenia is a collective, or better say a band with nine (!) artists which perform their art in a “old-fashioned” way. Old fashioned way? Yes, because they perform their music live, which also could be performed by one laptop artist. That’s unique in our days. Pureh don’t take the easiest route. But their effort bears fruit, because they sound totally different and authentic. Live and on the album you can feel an energy which probably would get lost if they had jailed it on the hard disk of a sampler or laptop. The sound of the album follows the paths somewhere between industrial, dark illbient and cinematic sounds capes. Embarrassing and beautiful, always well-balanced between art and listening music. This album is a must for lovers of unique IDM and for people in search of a new sound. Absolute brilliant!

Michael Muck, Cuemix Magazine

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