PureH @ Šinafest – festival eksperimentalne umetnosti
8. September 2017, 21:00
Topilnica, Idrija
Link: http://www.shinafest.com/program.html

KSVLKSV – Kaotičen strah v lastnem krogu se vrteč (Chaotic fear spinning in its own circle) is an enigmatic ambient-noise project of PureH (Pharmafabrik Recordings), active in 1990s: a sonic delirium of the Spirit, entraped in spontaneous convolution of the Self that emanates and permutates on the line between itself and the world as the Other. Being-self is a point of perception that creates its own content imprinting it retroactivly onto outer object, abstracting itself from it as something that emanates as alienated-from-it, but yet its own.

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